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Index of the 2000s: Ahn Byeong-gi

18th February 2011

ahnbyeonggiAhn Byeong-gi was born on November 5, 1966.  He graduated from the Seoul Fine Arts Institute where he majored in Film. He first worked in film under director Jeong Jin-yeong on such films as The Life of the Hollywood Kid (1994) and Naked Being (1998).  He debuted with Nightmare, but is best known to date for Phone. Ahn does not limit himself to directing. He wrote the screenplays for many of his films and he is the Executive Director of Toilet Pictures. Although he has directed only horror during the 2000s, he is currently working on a film listed as a drama about the Avian Flu with a working title of “Gamgi” (meaning ‘A Cold’)


2000-001, phone, bunshinsaba, apt

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