Seen in Jeonju

New DVD Releases: Oct. 2-8

30th September 2011

no dvd

Well, there are no Korean movies being released on DVD this week.  But that’s ok. As compensation we have the Busan International Film Festival opening on the 6th!  BIFF (formerly PIFF– the festival finally caught up with the change made to the spelling of the city’s name, a change made more than a decade ago) runs for 9 days from the 6th of October to the 9th. It is one of the premiere film festivals in all of Asia.. and one of the best attended.  If you are in Korea you have no excuse not to head down there and check it out..and when not watching movies or movie stars, you can hang out on the beautiful Haeundae Beach not far from the screening venues.  But plan ahead and buy your tickets early! Movies have a tendency to sell out quickly there.

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