Seen in Jeonju

Korean Box Office: Feb. 17-19

20th February 2012


It was a tough call as to which movie would take the highest rank in this weekend’s box office charts and the result, when looking at percentages, was a virtual tie. However, when counting tickets sold over the weekend, Howling managed to beat back the former number one movie, Nameless Gangster, taking over the top spot.  That was not the only percentage-war that took place this weekend. The fight for the number four and five spots was also very close with just 2,000 tickets sold separating the two films, the Icelandic animation Thor and the US film The Grey

I really have to wonder why it was decided that Ghost Rider 2 received so many screenings.  The first film did not do very well in Korea– did someone think the 3D gimmick would lure people into the theaters in droves?  It didn’t work. If you look at the MEQ (Met Expectation Quotient– I babbled on about MEQ last week in the box office report)– you see the Ghost Rider 2 fell well outside the standard deviation, earning a score of only 45.7.  Woman in Black did not fare much better with a score of 52.2 and Papa just missed the lowest range of what is acceptable with a score of 62.8. 

Tomorrow:  The movies opening for this coming weekend—

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