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Index of the 1970s: Kim Jin-tae

21st June 2013

Kim Jin-tae (1940-1981) started working in the movie industry when he was just 19 years old. He worked under such directors as Ahn Hyeon-cheol, Kang Dae-seon, Seok Rae-myeong, Moon Yeo-song and Kwon Cheol-hwi for ten years as an assistant director. In 1974, he got his chance to direct his own film, Unforgettable, which unfortunately did not live up to its title. His failure inspired him to go to Hong Kong. At that time, Hong Kong films were enjoying immense popularity and Kim wished to learn what he could there. He wound up co-directing several films there, many of them starring Jackie Chan. However, Kim Jin-tae passed away at an early age but directed films right up until his death. Below are the films he directed and co-directed in the 1970s.

kimjintae1974 unforgettable, kimjintae1976 killermeteors, kimjintae1977 newbigboss, kimjintae1978 halfaloafofkungfu, kimjintae1978snakeandcraneartsofshaolin

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