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DVD Releases: Feb. 28-Mar. 6

28th February 2010

no new dvds

Well, the sign above says it all. No Korean films are scheduled for release on DVD or BlueRay this coming week. But stay tuned. Next week looks pretty good for shoppers, especially with the coming of  Thirst on DVD.  Instead, I am going to hijack this post to blow my own horn.  Starting tomorrow, I begin an additional role at Woosuk University. I have been named Director of Study Abroad Programs. I knew this promotion was coming for awhile and I learned early what duties were expected of me although they were unsure initially what my title would be. I found out last Friday that I am  now a director and I couldn’t be happier. I am the first non-Korean in the history of  Woosuk University to hold an adminstrative position. I am deeply honored at the trust they put in me and am going to work hard at expanding the partnerships the university has.

This will not have any influence on my posting here. But there will be one small change over the next 15 weeks. More than half of my class hours for the week are on Monday.  That means I won’t be able to post the box office results until Monday evening local time. If you are reading from Europe or the Americas, this will not make any difference–the posts will still be up by Monday 6a.m. US Eastern Standard Time.  If you are reading from Asia or Australia though, the post will be coming…just later in the day.  The semester starts March 2, so this will not be an issue until the 8th.

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